Killing Content Creation 101

Create a plan for an entire content marketing program, starting with the understanding your buyer personas, and ways to create new content that aligns with your sales goals.

What's included?

5 Videos

Course Curriculum

Generate Ideas for Content
Determine If You Should Curate Content
Manage Your Content Marketing Channels
Bonus Activity : Creating a Brand Story Outline

Want to learn how to create killer content?

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Brittany Benson
Brittany Benson

About the instructor

Brittany Benson is a solid professional with a robust passion for hard work and helping others. After several years of trying to climb the corporate ladder she found herself laid off. Thankfully she had The Branding Bar where she took on social media and PR projects in her down time. Today with her agency she shapes and molds digital brands and has a strong focus on helping entrepreneurs.

Brittany received her B.A. from North Carolina University, with a concentration in Mass Communications. She also gained her Masters degree in Marketing Management from Strayer University. She has garnered plenty of positive attention because of her unyielding work ethic, professionalism, and pleasant personality and has even been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

“My motivation comes from wanting the best life possible for myself, and knowing that I can achieve anything if I am persistent, and put my energy into whatever I’m working on, “ states Ms. Benson.

For Brittany success is measured by how many people you also help find it. Even with all the roles she plays, Brittany never loses sight of her most important one, which is to always remain true to who she is.